On July 21, 2022, a workshop with the subject – Learning for Equality: Workshop on the present
and future of Inclusive civic education in Azerbaijan. The objectives of the workshop were:

  • To identify and address successes and challenges in a post-pandemic context for inclusive
    citizenship education;
  • To share practices and support exchange and cooperation between different stakeholders
    from formal and non-formal education fields concerned with ICE;
  • To enhance the recognition of the role of youth civil society and further develop cross-sectoral
    cooperation for inclusive civic education.
    The workshop was held in a hybrid format simultaneously – offline and via zoom. The offline event
    took place in the regional branch of the State Pedagogical University, in Guba city which is
    located 168 km from Baku, in the north-eastern region of Azerbaijan. Participants from Baku
    and other regions connected to the workshop via Zoom. The working language was Azerbaijani.
    Totally 122 people participated in the workshop: 28 offline and 94 online. Opening speech for
    the workshop was delivered by Svetlana Alenitskaya, on behalf of bpb, Yuriy Petrushenko on
    behalf of EENCE. The speakers for the workshop were:
  • Dr. Israyil Isgandarov, from the Supervisory Board of the Agency for State Support to Non-
    Governmental Organizations;
  • Rasul Asgarov, Senior advisor of Azerbaijan State Educational Institute;
  • Khalida Hamidova, head of the training department within Azerbaijan State Pedagogical
    University, Gulshan Eminova, Association of Educators;
  • Sevinj Mahsimova Coordinator of Inclusive Education Center Azerbaijan State University of
  • Dr. Khalida Hamidov -head of Training department of Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University;
  • Ramil İskandarli, Legal Analysis, and Research PU;
  • Telman Yolchiyev, Union of Disabled Organizations;
  • Yusif Aliyev, director of the regional branch of the State Pedagogical University in Guba
    assistant professor;
  • Parvana Rzayeva, head of the Quality Maintenance Department Parvana Rzayeva.

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